Doug Collins Podcast

The Doug Collins Podcast

As a former Congressman and Ranking Member of the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary, Doug Collins knows what it means to fight for what he believes in. The Doug Collins Podcast explores all topics —  ranging from politics to life advice — and blends them together for a well-rounded discussion that you can use to get the most out of life.

  • Sarah’s Not Smiling

    Chip and James take over they show. Hall and Oates take each other to court. Mark Cuban Sells the Mav’s but keep his roll in the organization. Plus, is this the best weekend in college football history?See for privacy information.

  • The Rise and Fall of the FBI (Encore)

    Tom Baker, a retired FBI agent, with over 30 years experience with the bureau gives a history lesson that show why the FBI is in the shape its in. A can’t miss episode. See for privacy information.

  • Simply, Mr. Crawford (Encore)

    The story of a janitor for The United States Air Force Academy named William Crawford and his incredible story of bravery during World War Two that earned him a Medal of HonorSee for privacy information.

  • Be thankful for the little things

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I share thoughts about Thanksgiving and what it means to give thanks in all things.  Happy Thanksgiving!See for privacy information.

  • Sometimes it just has to be said

    Today it is just straight from the heart.  We have got to get it together in order to win the future of our CountrySee for privacy information.

  • Yes, travel agents still exist!

    The conversation turns to travel today as Lisa Collins, my wonderful wife talks about what’s going on in the world of travel and how she can help you get there!  Email her at Or find her on Facebook or Instagram!See for privacy information.

  • Aliens are in our backyard, thank god for the Passtronaut

    This week was out of this world, There are more UFO’s than we could have imagined, or are the foreign governments weapons? either way its not great. Plus as always, we have to discuss football, Arthur Smith and Lane KiffinSee for privacy information.

  • Be careful about making decisions when you are mad

    Impeachment is a valuable tool in the Congressional arsenal but it is not to be used for political gain no matter what party is in power. Also, Guns are soon to be back in front of the Supreme Court, and the country needs to understand the cost of bad Criminal Justice Reform.See for privacy information.

  • Can Congress do its most basic function?

    The  Congress is under the last week of the current CR, which if it expires means the Government shuts down.  What are the ideas to get the process going and how will it work?  These are the questions we answer today on the Podcast.See for privacy information.