Right to Life

  • Texas Right to Life filed a “friend of the court” brief asking the Supreme Court of Texas to affirm Texas law states that pregnant women cannot be prosecuted for illegal abortions, yet those who aid and abet elective abortions can. After three women helped his ex-wife, Brittni, abort his child, Marcus Silva sued them for […]
  • The Texas Medical Board (TMB) is finally stepping up in attempts to clear the confusion regarding emergency medical interventions for pregnant women in Texas. Texas outlaws elective abortion from the moment of fertilization, with the only exception for medical emergencies of a pregnant woman. Sometimes, this intervention tragically can involve ending a pregnancy before the […]
  • The Left is AGAIN attacking free resources being provided to mothers and children in Texas, particularly under the highly-successful Thriving Texas Families program, formerly the Alternatives to Abortion program.  Why? Because the Left is no longer pro-choice, but pro-abortion. The only acceptable choice is the one “option” that leaves the mother abandoned and her child […]
  • The United States Supreme Court recently heard a case to decide whether Pro-Life Idaho, along with every other state across the nation, will have to transform its emergency rooms into abortion facilities. The Biden Administration sued the state of Idaho, falsely claiming that Idaho’s laws block the necessary emergency care federal law requires. In reality, […]
  • Texas has led the nation in protecting preborn Life with our bold legal approach. Are our Pro-Life laws actually working to protect the preborn? The answer is YES! While there is still more work to do to protect all preborn children and women from abortion, Pro-Life laws in Texas and across the country are working. […]
  • The Texas Right to Life Education Department is committed to training the next generation of Pro-Life leaders to promote a Culture of Life. This department encompasses the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship for College Pro-Life Leaders, Convention for Life, Team LIFE Camp for high schoolers, Pro-Life Graduate Student Fellowship for medical, nursing, and law students, the […]